Best Earphones under 500 Rs That Don’t Sacrifice Sound Quality 👍

We analysed around 50 to 55 of earphones before introducing these best earphones under 500 Rs before you.

Since there are lot of earphones under 500 Rs that makes it difficult to select.

To make things easy for you we have researched & checked earphones of brand like JBL, Skull-candy, Sony and some new brand Top earphones under 500 Rs.

In this article we have listed collection of good sound quality earphones available online along with it’s User Reviews, Buying links & specifications.

So What are the best earphones in India under 500?

Here are the Top earphones under Rs.500 that are worth buying and offer the best sound quality.

Best Earphones under 500 Rs in India


What are the Best Bass Earphones Under 500 Rs?


Which are the best Earphones under 500 Rs with Mic?

Here is the Detail Review of these earphones.

  • 1. Realme Earphone with Mic

From the makers of emerging mobile phone brand comes the Real me earphone priced below 500 Rs

Earphone segment is getting interesting since smartphone companies are entering the market.

Check out the Reviews from User

  • Real earphone gives the best bass experience at this price segment, with 11mm audio drivers and louder bass.
  • Better durability of wires coz of Kevlar fibre to protect from wear & tear.
  • 3 button controls inline to control music, calls and volume.
  • Magnetic earbuds make carrying EASE.
  • Comes with 6 month warranty.

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  • 2. Ant Audio W56 earphone under 500 with Mic

ant audio earphone under 500 Rs


Ant Audio earphone is a an another option under this segment.

  • The earphone is good for bass lovers coz of it’s high quality Stereo bass sound and noise isolating.
  • Aluminium allow housing with flat cord wires makes the earphone highly durable.
  • It’s One button inline is good enough to control music, calls and volume.
  • Earphone is light in weight and good enough length wires makes it perfect choice at Gym.

Check out the Reviews from User

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  • 3. Audio Technica ATH-CLR100 BK Earphone

Audio Technica ATH-CLR100 Wired Headphone

Audio Technica 1st in our list of best earphones under 500 Rs since I had used this earphone personally, will say it is a steal in this price. The earphone comes with a round case which protect the earphone when not in use.

Ergonomically Designed Canalphones

The Audio Technica earphones with 1.2 m Y-Type cord ensures maximum comfort to it users for long duration of music.

The Comfortable long hearing design, Canal-type earphone easily fits in your ears.

The cable of the earphones are travel-friendly collapsible cord wrap, which avoids the earphones from getting tangled.

Earphone is available in eight vibrant colors: black, white, lime green, blue, orange, red, purple and pink.

Crystal Clear Sound quality at this price

When it comes to sound it is amazingly crystal clear & clean, with a great sense of depth and detail.

The earphone have an 8.5 mm Speakers that ensure a quality audio experience.

The high Acoustics Resolution feature ensures that the sound that reaches you is powerful & detailed.

Our Verdict

Audio Technica produces a clear sound of instrument and vocals are crisp and clear.

However we will not recommend this earphone for bass lover its not recommended.

Cables are little flimsy otherwise good build quality.

No Microphone which is a major setback for this earphone.

Probably the best sounding earphones under 500 Rs with good build quality


Headphone DesignIn the Ear
Frequency Response20 Hz -25000 Hz
Plug Type3.5mm Jack
Sensitivity103 dB/mW

Check out the Reviews from User

  • Good Sound Quality
  • No Microphones
  • Crystal Clear Sound
  • Cable not tangle free
  • Excellent Bass
  • Comes with Earphone Case
  • Proper fit and length

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  • 4. boAt BassHeads 220 Earphone

Best Earphones under 500 Rs

Best Earphones under 500 Rs

boAt BassHeads 220 earphones are polished with metal which are non plastic. If you are looking for best earphones with mic under 500 Rs, than you should definitely try this out.

Innovative housing design

boAt BassHeads 220 which is crafted with polished metal ensuring the longevity of the earphones

Polisher metal finish of the drivers enhances the durability & gives a premium look to the earphones

The earphone is smooth to grip for an extra security & flat cable are always tangle free.

The 3.5 jack is gold plated present at the end of the headphone cable.

The earphone is portable & light weighted which makes it easy to carry.

Made for Bass Lovers

This earphone will take you to the next level with it’s super extra bass effects.

The powerful 10mm drivers provide sonic clarity, bass-driven stereo sound & good attenuation of ambient noises.

The noise cancellation technology enables trouble free receiving of calls & to enjoy listening to music even in a noisy atmosphere.

Our Conclusion

Nor too soft nor Hard, Just perfect Bass effects for your ears

Crafted with care, the polished metal ensures its longevity

The earphone priced under 500 Rs is a Value for your money without any doubt

Best Durable earphones with super extra bass effects


Headphone DesignIn the Ear
Frequency Response20 Hz -20000 Hz
Plug Type3.5mm Jack
Sensitivity98db ±3db

Check out the Reviews from User

  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Bit Heavier
  • With Microphones
  • Flat cable / Tangle Free
  • Durability
  • Proper fit and length

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  • 5. boAt BassHeads 100 Earphone

best earphones under 500 rs with mic

If you are looking for Best bass earphones under 500 Rs which gives crisp sound and good in noise isolation, go for boAt BassHeads 100. This is an entry level earphone introduced by boAt which emphasis on bass.

Hawk Inspired Design

The earphone stands out in term of style in our list of Best earphones under 500 Rs with its Hawk Design.

It is one of kind attractive looking earphone at a cheapest price.

The wire of the earphones are made of superior coating.

The Hawk Inspired design keeps the earphone stand out from the normal looking earphones

Powerful Bass effects

With 10mm dynamic driver & speaker resistance of 16 Ohm the earphone produces a punchy & rhythmic effects

The power yet super bass effect takes your music experience to the next level

Sound effects are powerful yet clear to make you feel every beat of it

Should you Buy


You should buy this with no doubt.

A budget earphones under 500 Rs which offers hawk inspired design, In-line microphone, perfect length cable and perfect fit for your ear.

Earphone with Powerful Bass & an unique design


Headphone DesignIn the Ear
Frequency Response10Hz - 20KHz
Plug Type3.5mm Jack

Check out the Reviews from User

  • Sound Quality is Good
  • Durability
  • Build quality is superb
  • Excellent Bass
  • Comfort fit for ears
  • Tangle free wires

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  • 6. Philips SHE1405 with mic under 500 Rs

Best earphones under 500

Philips cheapest branded earphone available below 500 Rs is next in our list of best earphones in India under 500. It is a perfect choice if you are on a budget. It will give you a descent music experience, call quality, with inline microphone all these in a price around 300 Rs approx.

Simple yet effective Design

The canalphone design of the philips SHE1405 looks descent on your ears which easily fits.

The earphone comes with 3 earbuds of various size.

The body is made of plastic which is compact & light in weight.

The microphone go’s well with the cables, nothing much to be complained about the design.

Clear sound & Dynamic Bass

The quality of the the sound is very much clear when we heard it for the 1st time.

Bass is effective for the price it is sold for.

The call quality of the earphones is much descent to get your job done.

Is it Worth Buying

Philip SHE1405 are for those who doesn’t invest much on an earphone.

At this cheap price and been a Philip brand many of us would definitely try this good earphone.

The major issue with this earphone is to get an original piece, since duplicate is also available in market. It definitely provides value is such a low budget.


Headphone DesignIn the Ear
Frequency Response10 - 22KHz
Plug Type3.5mm Jack
Sensitivity103 dB

Check out the Reviews from User

  • Descent Sound Quality
  • Durability
  • Reasonable Price
  • Duplicate availability in Market
  • Excellent Bass
  • Noise cancellation
  • Tangle free wires

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  • 7. Mi In-ear Headphones under 500 Rs

Mi Basic is best in ear headphones under 500 Rs, its price, with a decent quality makes it a choice to try for.

The earphone is popular since it doesn’t effect your pocket and does a decent job.

Excellent quality at this price

With adequate amount of Bass the earphone provides excellent sound quality

Mi Basic comes with a 10mm neodymium driver inside that sounds really loud and clear with distinct vocal clarity.

Impressive Design with good build quality

Made of plastic but still its build quality is actually quite impressive.

Flat cables wrapped with Kevlar gives extra durability which makes the earphone tangle free to use.

The earphone has inbuilt earphone & button to Pause, play, answer and hang up calls conveniently.

Earphone features Powerful & balanced sound with aerodynamic design


Headphone DesignIn the Ear
Frequency Response20Hz - 20KHz
Plug Type3.5mm Jack
Sensitivity98 dB

Check out the Reviews from User

  • Good Sound Quality
  • Tangle prone cables
  • Cheap Price
  • No volume control buttons
  • Light in weight
  • Excellent Build quality
  • Microphones available


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  • 8. Sennheiser MX 170 Earphone under 500 Rs

Sennheiser is a german privately audio company specializing in products like earphones, headphones & microphones.  Sennheiser MX 170 Earphone is worth a try since such a brand producing earphone under 500 Rs is rare in market.

Stylish and durable Design

These are not canal-phones earphone design which provide noise cancellation, these are in-earphone design.

Good for riders since this earphones allow some volume from outside to reach your ear.

Sennheiser MX 170 is simple yet stylish in looks at same time provides comfort to ears.

Powerful sound reproduction & impeccable bass response

Sennheiser earphone delivers an all-powerful bass-driven stereo sound.

Dynamic driver system provides crystal clear sound to enjoy every single beat.

Should I Buy

Surely you should try this earphone.

Best in sound quality, design, value for money, powerful bass & stylish design would not disappoint you at all.

Earphone with Powerful bass-driven stereo sound


Headphone DesignIn the Ear
Frequency Response22Hz - 20KHz
Plug Type3.5mm Jack

Check out the Reviews from User

  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • No Microphone
  • Best Priced branded earphone
  • No volume control buttons
  • Light in weight
  • Excellent Build quality
  • Comfortable Earplugs

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Want to see even more?

  • 9. Realme Buds 2

Realme Buds 2 Wired Headset with Mic

New addition to our list of earphones under 500 rupees is a earphone from Realme.

The Realme Bud 2 comes with powerful 11.2mm bass boost driver to deliver powerful, deep and accurate bass.

This earphone features inline remote with a mic for hands-free calling.

The back of the earphone is magnet which keeps them together when not in use.

Tangle free cables comes with organizer strap to store it safely.

Earphone looks attractive and elegant with matte & streamlined design.

Check out the Reviews from User

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  • 10. Evidson Vibe

Evidson Vibe Wired Headset with Mic

.Another addition to this segment of 500 Rs earphone is Evidson Vibe,

The earphone is a super bass machine thanks to the super-charged 2X  Bass.

With the highest sensitivity in this category – 110 dB SPL/mW.

The earphone is light in weight and perfectly fits in your ear.

Ultra durable Cables are flat which adds to the stylish look and tangle free.

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  • 11. Sony MDR-ZX110A Stereo Headphone

  • sony-zx110 best over ear headphone under 500

Sony MDR-ZX110A Stereo comes with powerful 30mm drivers with one of the best sound effects. Sony Headphone that to at a budget price is no doubt a rare availability best headphones under 500 Rs.

Aesthetic Design Headphone

Sony Headphone is light in weight and manufactured tactfully with a folding design.

Sony MDR-ZX110A Headphone is equipped with self adjusting headband & cushioned ear-pads.

The cushioned ear-cup covers your entire ear to avoid any uneasiness or irritation.

Precise Sound Stereo Headphone

The responsive diaphragm ensure you get a crisp, clear, precise audio & effortless music experience.

Sony MDR-ZX110A succeeds in providing crystal clear audio with deep bass.

Is it Worth Buying

Yes, It’s the only branded, best in quality which delivers deep bass and elevated sound quality Headphones available for a price as low as 500 Rs.


Headphone DesignOn-ear
Frequency Response12Hz - 20KHz
Plug Type3.5mm Jack

Check out the Reviews from User

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Our Verdict

The boAt Bassheads 220 priced at around Rs 500 and they are definitely a good quality of earphone we suggest.

When it comes to style & features it has significant advantage over the other earphones in the list.

It a treat at this price for all the bass lovers out there, all these advantages within your budget.

Hope you liked our list of best earphones below 500 Rs

Hope the following discussion of the different types of earbuds and earphones gave you an idea on how to choose the right earphone under this range.

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